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Musings of a tightrope walker...


My Life

My life is my prayer

Is my song

And is time…

Compressed to some feeling

That's uniquely mine!

My life is my river

That broke free

From a dream…

Rushing down to some ocean

That is yours and is mine.

My life is my arrow

Is my leap,

Across space…

Flying forth from an arch,

That's my start and my aim!



Why do you think you sing alone?

I am the echo of your song.

Why do you think you walk alone?

I am the shadow beneath your feet.

Why do you think you sleep alone?

I am the feather in your pillow.

Why do you think you dream alone?

I am the velvety breath of your night.

Why do you think you cry alone?

I am the air that dries your tears.

Why do you think you fall alone?

I am the sob that leaves your throat.

Why do you think you die alone?

I am the angel that lifts you up.



Turn your back to the light

Then your shadow’s walking ahead of you.

Walk towards the light

You’ll leave your shadow behind.