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Musings of a tightrope walker...



Moon lost its light
Stars turned pale,

Sun froze to a birch tree
Crows fed on their own footprints in the snow,

My tender words turned into icicles and stuck to our windows;
Nobody was believing in spring any more!



LetŐs think, just in case
If all there is, is God and God is all there is.
Can absence of God be anywhere?

If all there is, is light and light is all there is,
Is no light within darkness?
Could darkness be light that has forgotten itself?

If all there is, is love and love is all there is,
Is hatred just the Ôother endŐ of love?
Is hatred the ÔshadowŐ of love?



Even if it Ős late, it Ős never ever too late
Because the earth is round and time is round too.
The beginning is forming a circle from the end to the beginning again
And the end is forming a circle from the beginning to the end again.
There is no too late and no too early in the space of eternity.
We may begin today or tomorrow

It soon will become yesterday and the day before yesterday.
If we wish that tomorrow will be better than yesterday
We better begin before yesterday or a year before yesterday or even earlier
To achieve this we have to leave the circling of the circle
Make the effort to lift the circle

To slowly get it moving up into a spiral
Where the end is above the last beginning

And the beginning is above the last ending

On and on and on...



Some days are grey
More grey
Heavy grey
Choking grey
Even the rays of sun are grey
And the blue sky is grey
Grey flowers all over
No tears any more
No air any more
No dance
Only grey Đ grey Đ grey
Motionless grey



The grey and the colorful are existing at the same time.
I havenŐt figured out yet
How to deal with both of it at the same time
I havenŐt found out yet
How to find a place for tears and a smile in my face at the same time
I havenŐt figured out yet
How to continue singing my lifeŐs song while feeling emptied out
I havenŐt learnt yet
How to love who I hate at the same time