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Musings of a tightrope walker...



Mostly I don’t like to go to bed ‘till late…

Mostly I don’t like to let go of my dreams…

Mostly I don’t like to stop what I’m doing right then and now…

Mostly I feel light and happy and there’s a song in my middle…

Mostly I don’t see the clouds but the sky in between…

Mostly, while listening to water flowing or wind blowing I hear voices…

Mostly while staring at an empty canvas I see forms…

Mostly when I close my eyes I see colors dancing or patterns in black ‘n white…

Mostly my paintings done in dusk get the best…

I didn’t say that mostly is all the time!



I haven’t seen you

But I feel you are hiding

Where the wind is kissing the mountains

And the dreams of tomorrow arise

I haven’t touched you

But I feel you are so close

To where I’m loosing my breath

With the dying of yesterday's dreams

I haven’t talked to you

But I feel you know all my thoughts

Even before I hesitantly cast them into the mold

Of language to give form to my dreams of today

I haven’t heard you

But I feel you are whispering all around me

And the songs coming up in my heart

Are just echoes of your universal dream 


This night

This wet and windy night

A tree crashed down.

Black waters of rain

Were washing their tears

Over branches,

That had given up

On reaching any higher

Up to the stars with their prayers…

I am the wet and windy night

I am the rain cloud filled with cold tears

I am the tree crashing down

I am the broken trunk fallen onto the earth

I am the prayer on its way to the stars…

I am the wind that shook the tree

I am the seed that grew and grew

I am the earth that held the seed

I am the prayer on its way to the stars…


A dance

Above all it’s a dance!

Don’t forget…

It’s a dance

Of black and white

Of no and yes

Of shadow and light

Of hatred and love

Of death and birth

Of the low and the high

Of stillness and noise

Of sleep and wake

Of loss and gain

Of forgetting and remembering

Of sorrow and joy

Of creation and destruction

Of truth and lie

Of coming and going

Of despair and of hope

It’s a dance above all it’s a dance!


I sense

At times I sense…

The breath of hope and disappointment
The sighs of change
The death of laughter and of dreams
The teeth of murder
The empty silence of past screams
The candles been blown
The wisdom of all ages lost
The lawlessness of jurisdiction
The helplessness of ‘too late’
The crazy eyes of torture
The desperation of a broken wing
The loss of another species gone
The stains on human’s souls
The nothing where your God has been

I am

I am and I’m not - just a happy sigh - just a sigh
You take the happiness - I'll hold the sigh!
I am and I’m not - just a healing wish - just a wish
You take the healing - I'll hold the wish!
I am and I’m not - just a speechless prayer - just a prayer
You take the speechlessness - I'll hold the prayer!
I am and I’m not - just a travelling star - just a star
You take the travelling - I'll hold the star!
I am and I’m not - just a moment of time - just a time
You take the moment - I'll hold the time!
I am and I’m not - just a wondrous song - just a song
You take the wonder - I'll hold the song!
I am and I’m not - just the touch of a soul - just a soul
You take the touch - I'll hold the soul!
I am and I’m not - just a silent dream - just a dream
You take the silence - I'll hold the dream!